February 17, 2017

Maragas Winery

Posted by: Tory Junkin

Our Mission is to Make Old World Hand Crafted Barrel Aged Wine that is Unique to our Style and Exemplifying Complex Flavor


We use natural and sustainable methods growing our grapes and have been Certified Naturally Grown.  Our wines are made with a centuries old family tradition of extensive barrel aging and a philosophy of minimalist intervention in fostering the evolution of grape to finished wine.  This method of letting nature do it's work is possible through age-old techniques that have been fine tuned and ardently adhered to.

Stop in and enjoy our old world craft wines in a charming setting - right inside our barrel room. Take in one of several paintings from the resurrected Lattavo Gallery at home on the walls of our unique barrel room. Enjoy a tasting flight or sit down with a glass beside the fireplace. It's that cozy time of year, and we have a great venue for you to relax and enjoy the flavors of award winning wines!


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