March 15, 2017

What to expect at the Solar Eclipse

Posted by: Tory Junkin

What to expect at the Solar Eclipse

Most people who have seen a total eclipse have described it as the most spectacular natural event they have ever witnessed. It starts as the Moon slowly obscures more and more of the Sun. When just a small sliver of light remains, you'll see "Baily's beads," caused by the last rays of sunlight streaming through the lunar valleys. Next, a flash of light! Is that a giant diamond ring in the sky? And then the soft wisps of the solar corona surrounding a huge hole where the Sun used to be. You might notice a temperature drop, birds flying home to their nests, and an eerie stillness in the air. You're standing in a strange twilight, while a sunset glows on the horizon all around you. Finally, totality comes to an end as the events occur in reverse order.

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