Our Story

Panacea at the Canyon

The development of Panacea was a nine year journey, conceived and created from the ground up by a couple whose vision was to create a unique, energetic, natural space that would set the stage for guests to have a truly authentic experience.  

Through experiences, activities and personal attention, Panacea strives to help create overall well-being for each guest. This 40 acre luxury campground and spa was developed to provide an eco-friendly off-grid destination and outdoor spa where people can truly unplug and reconnect with nature to nurture their mind, body and spirit.

Our vision was born out of the belief that we are daily too far removed from our true selves and our natural world where we effortlessly find rejuvenation and balance. We have created a relaxing space that serves as a catalyst for people to rediscover personal health, well-being and joy; a space that encourages people to nurture inner harmony, enhance their intuition and reinvigorate their creative spark.

At Panacea, we have created the perfect space for people to enjoy a digital detox.


Environmental Practices

It's allĀ aboutĀ the environment...that's why you come here!

Uncompromising ecological values is one of the main principals that created Panacea at the Canyon. Our property was developed with extreme care, giving sustainability the top priority in it's creation. Our environmental and sustainable ethos goes far beyond industry standard green practices. Rather than claiming green practices, we've made it inherent in the entire design and development of our property.

We've created a destination that is 100% solar powered with out sacrificing the modern conveniences and luxurious comfort you will find during your stay. We strived to create a space where you can feel a part of the natural environment rather than removed from it. Each of our individual lodging sites were built off the ground so as not to disturb the fragile native vegetation. Water conservation is inherent in the design as well, with each site containing a limit on daily water usage. 

For the bath we use locally sourced organic linens, towels, robes, soaps and lotions.

And yes, we do recycle...duh.